Belgische Steden ( engelstalige info )

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If you are looking for more information about Belgian Cities and the hotels in Belgium, there are a few websites where you can find much interesting. If you are looking for good info about hotels in Bruges this website will tell you all possible good hotels in the city. Valuable information about Bruges ( Brugge in dutch ) is found here aswell. Bruges is a beauty to visit from a good hotel so inform you about Bruges as good as you can. Bruges is a city to come back to so a good hotel in Bruges is of the essence. Find your back to Bruges in the christmas periode, the entire city is so beautifully decorated you would keep walking through the sometimes blistering cold. Bruges is one of the finest cities in Belgium and well worht the trip. Other fantastic destinations are without Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. Brussels is as a capital a very busy city compared to Bruges. But Brugge is far more romantic to stay in.

Ghent is a little less well known city in Flanders but is certainly worht a visit. Ghent is full of interesting places an is fine place to sleep. Going out in Ghent is offcourse also a fantastic idea and Ghent offers quite some possibilities.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and one should stay as long as possible in this marvellous city. Brussels is situated in the heart of Belgium. Brussels has a lot of different beautiful museums and landmarks to visit. Find thus a hotel in Brussels close to the major attractions where you want to go to. België is a country to come back to.

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